Content marketing is something that many businesses tend to think of as an afterthought or an element that doesn’t seem to add such tangible value. As one of the few marketing strategies with minimal up-front cost and the possibility for high ROI, the benefits of such approaches should be given more credit.

Producing your own content offers your company with a diversity of unexplored prospects to boost sales. Whether you publish a couple of blogs weekly, record a podcast, or film original video – any type of original content benefits in turning information-seeking consumers into paying customers – which ultimately is what any company strives to have. Thus, Fibonacci Marketing wanted to explain four benefits your business reaps when it decides to invest in Content Marketing…

1. Supplement your current marketing strategy

For many businesses, there seems to be a disconnection between what their company is about and content marketing. In reality, it probably fits right in. Are you already running a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign? Focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Growing your social media marketing campaign? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these, then content marketing is certainly the way forward.

Content marketing balances all three of these marketing strategies. How so? For starters, with PPC, you receive more landing page opportunities. Sometimes a customer might not be in the purchasing phase of the sales channel, but they’re actively seeking more information. Uploading blog posts that dive into different industry subjects can function as the perfect spot to direct these customers to the answers they are seeking – and more importantly, to your business. Once the prospective customer lands on your post, you can show them adverts, and once they leave your site through Adwords Remarketing.

If you’ve already applied SEO on your website, you already know the significance keywords play in boosting your search ranks. Through a blog, you are able to integrate extra keywords in a search-engine friendly way that will continue to increasing your rankings in an organic and low-cost way.

Social media is indispensable for the majority of businesses, but finding germane material to share with your audience can be a challenge. Creating your own content means you’ll be enhancing your social media presence and directing an already interested customer right to your website.

2. Drive targeted traffic to your website

Thus far we’ve discussed ways in which to increase visitors to your site through all of the above-mentioned channels. Better still, how said traffic should be high-quality traffic. It has been proven that content marketing is more effective at obtaining leads than traditional interruption-based messaging. It also proves to have a better rate of converting traffic into leads. This is because it allows you to connect with customers at a time when they need information about what you have to offer.

Instead of forcing an advert on them, you give them useful content, which builds trust. That trust fosters a relationship between your business and the customer.

3. There is very little risk involved

Whether you run ads on Facebook, launch a PPC campaign, or capitalise in display ads, it’s going to come at a cost. There’s usually a lot of up-front fees with all of those marketing stratagems. Sometimes it takes experimentation, until you find the right marketing mix that generates great traffic to your site by means of paid ads.

On the plus side, content marketing has very little initial charges and since you’ll likely be publishing it on your own site, there’s no cost to keep it up and running. Even if one endeavour bombs or you learn your audience responds to one content marketing channel more than another, you can make the needed amendments, publish new content, without losing much in the process.

4. Everyone else is doing it

Sure, you don’t want to be a blinkered follower after building a business that you hope to be unique. But think about it: if all your competitors are using content marketing and you’re not, you’re bound to fall behind. Current studies even confirm this. It has been shown that 88% of B2B organizations and 76% of B2C companies are relying on content marketing in some form or another, to develop their business.

Don’t get left eating the competition’s dust when it comes to growing your content marketing strategy. So we suggest for you to use these simple guidelines to get a head start.

If you’re adamant to enhance your company’s presence and prominence, both your online and offline, contact Fibonacci Marketing today. Our team specializes in catering to your company’s requirements, whilst keeping in mind current social media and consumer trends.

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