It’s easy to see that social media plays a big part in success for companies, and it therefore comes as no surprise that many businesses are relying on it to reach out to customers, but did you know that there are several benefits that come with doing so? Fibonacci Marketing specialises in Social Media Marketing among other marketing solutions, so we thought we’d let you know of a few business advantages that it brings to the table:

Increased Brand Awareness
Implementing a social media strategy into your business plan is a sure way to significantly increase your brand recognition as you will be engaging with a broad consumer audience. Every post that is shared is introduced to a vast network of individuals who might be potential customers, generating a wider audience for your business. The more people know about your business, the better your chances of success.

Boosted web traffic
People don’t normally like the word “traffic” – unless they’re talking about web traffic, which means the amount of data sent and received by visitors to your website. As mentioned previously, social media can help to increase brand awareness, and having people know the name of your brand will make it easier for them to search for your website, thus increasing your web traffic as well as potentially giving you higher rankings on search engines like Google.

Customer satisfaction
Several studies have shown that customers are more inclined to trust or choose companies that are active on social media networks, and also that they appreciate receiving personalised responses to messages or posts that they send to a company’s Facebook page. By doing such things, you are essentially creating a voice for your company and are therefore able to communicate with your customers on a more personal level, which will automatically increase customer satisfaction.

Cost efficiency
Social media marketing is highly cost-effective, especially when compared to how significantly it can boost your success. The fact that it’s so cost-effective is a big advantage because by simply creating a small budget for your paid advertising and promotions, you can drastically increase your conversion rates, and you will eventually see a greater return on investment and be able to retain a larger budget for other marketing costs.

If you’re looking for ways to promote and enhance your business, get in touch with Fibonacci Marketing today to find more out about social media marketing as well as our other marketing solutions.

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