There are habits that can contribute to our success and there are habits that can hinder it. Whatever job you may have accountant, marketer, painter or plumber, you need to focus on the habits that will help you to achieve your goals.

Here are 5 habits that will help you to enjoy more success, whatever you do: 

1. Positive Attitude: Attitude is contagious. How you behave as a leader will have an effect on the people around you. So if you turn up all grumpy, lacking energy, it won’t do anything to help motivate your team. And don’t forget to say thank you, it will help to boost morale.

2. Forget fear: We assess risk all the time. The higher we climb up the career ladder, the scarier the consequences of a wrong move will become. Second guessing yourself into oblivion will be the end of your progression so listen to your fears but don’t let them hold you back.

3. Exercise: Physical activity is as important as mental exercise. Not only will you feel better as your appearance improves, but exercise will help to sharpen your memory and overall energy levels.

4. Suspend judgment: Sometimes you talk to people and you can see that they are thinking of their responses prior to you finishing your sentence. This selfish practice prevents them taking in the necessary information before replying in a suitable manner. Avoid this at all costs and ensure that you absorb everything the other person has to say without thinking of a rebuttal. Trust yourself that something will come to mind at the end of that person’s rant.

5. Write every day: Writing is leadership at scale for the mere fact that you can reach thousands and thousands of people. Writing can also be a method of problem solving, a way to navigate and mentally organise new ideas and connections of value and deliver a positive message to people for them to apply for themselves. Of course there are more benefits of writing, too, such as reduced stress, keener observation (from self-reflection), and better memory recall.

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