Finding a digital marketing firm that’s going to represent your business in the best way possible is imperative…

When venturing off into the business world, many beg the question: How do I choose the best digital marketing firm for my company? Before anything else, you always need to keep in mind that a digital marketing firm is going to represent you and your business in the best way possible, because after all that’s the job it’s paid to do. Fibonacci Marketing wanted to list five of the most important steps that should be taken when selecting the perfect digital marketing company.

1. Understand your needs

Know what you want. This needs to be long before you begin your search for a digital marketing company. Ask yourself about what it is exactly you’re looking for. Is it impeccable content creation and SEO expertise? An improved social media presence? Or are you more concerned in dipping your fingers in research and demographic studies? Huddle up with your company’s team and compile a list of everything you’d like your ideal digital marketing company to do.

This list could possibly include but is in no way limited to:

• Creative (be it copywriting, video/multimedia production…)
• Search engine optimization
• Social media management/marketing
• Search engine marketing
• Email marketing
• Analytics
• Online advertising in all its forms — Instagram promoted posts, Facebook sponsored posts, Google AdSense, etc.
• Content marketing
• Website development/coding
• Blogging

Invest some time to create your list and draw it out. Know what you need specifically and be sure to articulate that to the digital marketing firm in due time.

2. Know their strengths

Not all digital marketing firms are created equally, so some just won’t make the cut – it’s simply bound to happen. For instance, if your company specializes in, footwear, you wouldn’t necessarily want to work with a big marketing firm that mostly caters to companies outside of your niche. It may pay off for you to find a digital marketing firm that meshes well with your needs.

You need to acknowledge the fact that there are firms out there who’d be keen on getting your business despite the fact that they might not know much about your product, service or industry in general. They need to be exceedingly creative, do the work, and have a track record of projects you admire. You also need to be wary of a company that’s been marketing the same kinds of products for the life of their firm. This is because while they’ll be quick to get your work done, it might be derivative and may look and feel a lot like the rest of their portfolio.

3. Look up some of their current work

Do the legwork and research on the quality and style of their marketing. This applies to all facets of the marketing company as well. Explore their SEO presence. Observe how you were driven to their website. Was it because it was the first one that popped up on Google? If it’s the case, this might be very telling, and a good indication that they can implement the same techniques to your own business.

Check out their blog and peruse through their content. Remember, you’re in the advantageous position to judge the firm as a customer – in much the same way your future customers will judge your business while the firm is handling your marketing. Similarly, find out the metrics they use to consider success. Understand the company’s methods for realising what’s working and what’s not.

4. Consider the price

The probability is, the closing price will be determined through contract negotiation. Sure it’s somewhat of an awkward practice, especially for those who aren’t really familiar with it, but there are ways to make it easier. The key is to be flexible and honest about what your aim to achieve from contract and what the desirable outcomes from the negotiation will be.

5. It’s A-Okay to be direct

Don’t be afraid to be blunt. After all, this is your business’s money on the line! Set realistic standards. Even if the negotiation process is at an advanced stage, you need to be open and clear with the direction of your company. This will help reveal whether or not the digital marketing agency is the right one for your company’s needs. At the end of the day, standing your ground and finding a digital marketing company who’s willing to work with your business plan will be a better outcome for all parties involved.

Looking for the right marketing firm is not a walk in the park and we know this process is time consuming and sometimes even mind-boggling! We understand that you didn’t build your company in an instant, so you don’t expect finding the right digital marketing company to be any different. You need a company that understands your wants and needs, where the dynamics of both your company and marketing agency fit like a glove. If you’re interested in boosting your company’s presence – on a number of different platforms, whether online or offline, contact us. Let our team at Fibonacci Marketing be the firm to take your company to the next level.

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