ROI depends greatly on the way a company implements its marketing strategy. With the computer and mobile world, digital marketing is the way forward when formulating business relationships. Forget the days of old-fashioned marketing strategies, comprising solely of in-person events and traditional media. Nowadays outreach through email and social networks are now crucial to every company’s marketing efforts. Put simply, it’s a matter of an ‘adapt or die’ situation.

As consumers, we’ve all been the target of these digital marketing efforts. Our inboxes are bursting with emails from businesses on a daily basis, and our social media feeds are speckled with images, blogs and vlogs, all urging us to try the products and services of companies we either follow or are, according to the advertising algorithms, companies we’d probably like to follow. So obviously, the message is out.

But amid all this digital marketing bombardment, significant questions hover. Is it worth it? Are companies getting a solid ROI on their digital marketing efforts? Are the followers clicking? Are the customers buying, and are their individual brands expanding in the international marketplace? Here at Fibonacci Marketing we always have that healthy curiosity for anything that can expand our knowledge. After investigating further, our quest for finding the answers such questions generated some interesting results. Below are the top 3 industries that are getting high ROI from their digital marketing efforts.

1. Health

When you have a question related to your health, what’s the first thing you do? Well, if you’re like the majority of online users (and chances are you are), you check online to find out more info. While doctors are of course still a critical piece of the information-puzzle, in reality, they’re not the first source of information people use to access health information. That’s why a good digital marketing approach for healthcare organizations and individual doctors is so vital. A good website, a great social media presence, easy to read infographics and health information that’s been optimized for search engines all make a good impression and bring in patients.

2. Food

It’s undeniable people love food, and they have a real emotional connection to it. What’s more, one cannot deny the fact that they’re fiercely devoted to favourite products. This is why food companies have responded in force with social media campaigns loaded with captivating imagery that contain loads of sensory appeal and a high degree of direct customer engagement.

Consumers now go online, check out social feeds and watch amazing videos they can share in a matter of a few seconds. Whether it’s a delicious dessert or how to prepare a recipe, food is deeply embedded in the construct of this ‘like and share’ social media culture. These actions automatically draw in more users, because their avid followers are made to feel that the companies actually care about their eating preferences, and the results are really incredible.

3. Entertainment

Social media has become the locale for entertainment companies to share all kinds of information – photos, trailers, previews and even live videos. But it even takes it a step further by making it the place where such companies plant ideas in followers’ heads – ‘Be sure to go see this movie!’, ‘Stay tuned for the next segment!’ or ‘Don’t forget to subscribe!’

With the personal information so easily accessible on social media, coupled with exhaustive analytics to endorse specific entertainment products to certain demographics, the ROI for entertainment companies’ digital marketing efforts is more advanced than with traditional media, which was noticeably less targeted.

In this day and age, digitalisation has afforded companies’ success to flourish by leaps and bounds thanks to the wonders of digital marketing. If you own a company that needs that extra push, contact us today so we can make your dream a reality. We offer tailor-made packages so whether you’re an established company who’s already made its mark in the industry or a start-up that dreams big – we’re sure to meet your marketing needs.

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