The webmaster and SEO society, along with the automatic Google tracking tools, all show strong signs that there was a Google algorithm ranking update.

Since Wednesday morning, the SEO business has been observing an unverified Google ranking update that seems to focus more on the quality of backlinks. Many are coining this the Fred Update, which was derived from Google’s Gary Illyes, who has jokingly suggested that all updates should be named “Fred.”

Last month a link spam-related update was updated, and that update also was unsubstantiated by Google. There was also a great content quality Google update on 7th February that was never established. As you’ve probably assumed, Google is not very likely to settle algorithm updates these days – but we still felt the need to report major shifts in the search results that bear an algorithm update has occurred.

Many of the automatic tracking tools presently show noteworthy instability and oscillations, which indicate updates. Moreover, with all the industry talk, and with webmasters both lamenting about ranking drops and celebrating ranking increases, it’s probable that there was a Google update.

We’re anticipating to hear from Google if they have any comment. To date, all we have right now are the typical Google lines from John Mueller and Gary Illyes that Google continually makes updates.

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