If Amazon and Pinterest had a baby, what would that look like?

This is exactly what Twitter is trying to achieve by investing more resources in a visually-appealing e-commerce strategy it hopes will entice consumers to ditch the digital middleman and buy things directly off its platform.

Last Friday, Twitter said it was testing product and collection pages, which will be dedicated pages that live separately from the main scrolling news feed. 

The new product pages will be focused on a particular product, such as a book or a pair of trainers, and would list important information about each product such as description, price and a link to even more information. The pages are also widely expected to feature a buy button so customers can purchase products directly from the twitter platform. They’ll also host tweets from the general tweeting population as a source of user reviews.

The collection pages would be separate to that, gathering together top products handpicked by celebrities and brands, and aligned in an almost Pinterest-like photo format. While the collection pages might not all initially offer an option to buy like the product pages, Twitter said it will test increased functionality in the coming months.

What’s important here is that both of these create a more immersive experience for online shoppers, compared with the lone buy button that is attached to promoted tweets currently. Twitter has been testing the buy button since September.